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Like a restaurant sim, except you deal with black magic services instead.

Drag and drop ingredients from the bottom-left shelf to the board on the right. Use the tools on the ceiling to either slice the ingredients or smash them. Click on the cauldron to add the ingredients to the cauldron. Clicking on it again while the water is shimmering will perfectly cook the ingredients, but if you wait for too long the ingredients will come out burned. Click on the flask to add the ingredients into it and an enchantment scroll will open up. Click each node in the scroll to draw the desired diagram and then right-click to submit it. Because there's no indication on what the correct diagram is, the solution is to draw in this order of nodes before right-clicking: top-left -> top -> bottom -> bottom-right.

Made in two days using Unity for Global Game Jam 2016, with the theme being "Ritual". All the art done by Yousef Alli and programming done by me.


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Published Jan 31, 2016
TagsGlobal Game Jam

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